To inculcate character and creativity within a child for the pursuit of excellence.


To provide children a professional learning environment integrated with Islamic principles so they can achieve the highest level of character, creativity and academic excellence. We strive to establish the following benchmarks for Islamic education in North America:

Quality Education: Imparting moral, spiritual and intellectually enlightening quality education.
Creating Problem Solvers: Creating critical thinkers, philosophers, and scientists who can solve local, regional, national and global problems.
Building Future: Building the future of our next generation for the herein and the Hereafter.


Character: The basic building block of Tarbiyah.
Creativity: The core of everything our teachers and students do.
Excellence: Pursuit of excellence in academics, behavior and morals.
Curriculum Philosophy: Differentiated and experiential learning.
Role Models: Teachers are not just educators, they are mentors and role models.
Small Class Size: Every student receives individualized attention.
Community Involvement: It takes a village to raise a child. Responding to community needs.
Involve Parents for Continuous Learning: Learning continues outside of the classroom.
Continuous Improvement: Status quo hampers learning.  Implementing efficient teaching methods.
Fiscal Responsibility: We are entrusted with community funding to provide quality education. We carefully develop priorities based on student needs and quality methods to develop future leaders.