Payment Method, Refund Policy, and Financial Aid

Tarbiyah offers automatic withdrawl from your checking account. You will have to sign an automatic monthly withdrawl agreement and provide a voided copy of a check for your checking account.

  • Payments can be also made online via credit or debit card. A 3.5% online processing fee will be charged when paying online. The online payment can be made using the donations box on the right side of this page. 
  • Admission fee is due with the application.
  • Resources fee is due within one week after the admission is granted.
  • Full tuition payment ($3500 for the first child and $3000 for each additional child) is due on or before August 25. Payment by check is preferred.
  • There will be a $35 charge for any returned check. If another check from the same family bounces, subsequent bounces are charged a $55 returned check fee for each incident.
    • If you choose a monthly payment plan, the payment is due by the 5th of every month. A late fee of $35 after 5th day, and $60 after 10th day may also apply. Late fee can be wavied if the delay in the payment is accidental/occasional and not habitual.
  • Non-Volunteering fee is fully refundable at the end of the school year but is fully charged during the first week in September as the school opens.
*Tution ($3500 for first child and $3000 for subsequent siblings) is fully refunadable if the child is withdrawn from the school by August 25.

  • Withdrawl after August 25 but before August 31 are eligible for a 75% of the tuition refund.
  • Later withdrawls will require a full payment ($3500 for the first child and $3000 for subsequent siblings) if a child is withdrawn after August 31. No refunds can be given after August 31. Resources are committed based upon enrollment for a one year term (facility, teachers and other resources) and a withdrawal after the school has begun will put the school in severe financial jeoperdy.
  • School administration is not authorized to waive the tuition for anyone. The school resrouces (e.g., building, faculty, equipment) are committed for a 10 month period based upon the number of students at the start of the school year.


Day Care – Complete Fee Structure

Age Weekly Charge Approximate Monthly Charge/Child Approximate  Monthly Charge/Child
Under 12 months $220/week $880 $880
12 -23 months $200/week $800 $800
2 years $200/week $800 $800

Pre-K to Grade 8 – Complete Fee Structure

Age Weekly Charge Before/After Care Program Fee/Child School Tuition /Child/Month Approximate  Monthly Charge/Child
3 – 4 years $195/week $780 $450, $50 sibling discount $1230
5 -18 years $170/week $680 $350, $50 sibling discount $1130
  • All parents are required to dedicate a minimum of 50 hours during a school year for school support activities regardless of the family income or financial aid status.
Financial Aid Application Procedure

Children from families with limited income and financial resources are offered partial or full tuition scholarships. Email to receive a complete financial aid application package.

Generally, these scholarships are limited to families with income level under 200% of the federal poverty level. For further guidance on the federal poverty level and income limits, please visit Division of Social Services at Delaware Health and Social Services (

Many students receive full or partial financial aid. However, the funds reserved for these scholarships are limited. Complete financial aid applications must be received by July 10 for priority consideration.

Majority of Tarbiyah School students are in the 5 to 12 years of age range. The tuition for this group is only $3500 per year and $3000 per year for each additional sibling if they are not enrolled in the before and after care program.

This leaves the school with a very tight financial budget. To ensure access to quality education, it is imperative that we have to provide financial aid to children from low income families. However, every time we provide financial assistance to families in need, it increases the school’s financial deficit.

To keep Tarbiyah school affordable for all parents, we must try to reduce the deficit and bridge the gap between expenses and revenue. To accomplish this goal, we require parents to dedicate significant amount of time for various school support activities. The amount of time required of parents to dedicate at the school will depend upon the number of children and amount of financial aid. You will be informed of your obligations related to your financial responsibility and the amount of time required for school support activities upon review of your financial aid application.

* The required time commitment against financial aid is in addition to the 50 hours that are required from all parents.

Please contact the school director to get a copy of the financial aid application.