Organizational Structure

Tarbiyah’s organizational design combines the best of hierarchical and matrix structures. Matrix organizational structure at the core of the organizations, i.e., School Board, allows for agility and flexibility in the decision making process. Traditional hierarchical structure allows for functional coordination of school employees and staff. The school’s general body consists of all parents whose children are enrolled at Tarbiyah. The general body elects PTA President and Vice President who can create special tasks, projects, and/or activities based committees and assign responsibilities to other PTA members as appropriate. School Board is responsible for the operaƟonal planning and execution of curricular and co‐curricular activities  including, human resource management, finance, communications, technology, scheduling, and overall operations management. Active PTA office holders are eligible for consideration of school board membership. All nominations and appointments must be confirmed by the general body. More information on PTA leadership and school board leadership is available through PTA and school board representatives.