Tuition and Fees

First Child: $3,500 Per Year

Each Additional Child: $3,000 Per Year

*Due at the beginning of academic year after admission application is accepted

Registration Fee:

$50 for returning students, $75 for new students (Before July 1, admission priority date)

$100 for returning students, $150 for new students (After July 1, late admission)

One Time Resources Fee: $500 per academic year, per student

Volunteering Waiver Fee: $500 per academic year, per family

*See details of the fee description below

Tarbiyah School is a non-profit community school. Tuition & fees cover the actual operation cost of the organization.

 Tuition is charged on an yearly basis at the beginning of each academic year.

 Monthly Installment: Parents who are unable to pay in full at the beginning of academic year, may request for monthly payment plan to be paid in 10 equal monthly installments during the academic year starting in August and ending in June.

Registration fee covers the administrative cost for processing application. This is a non-fundable fee and due at the time of application. Please note the schedule of this fee and check on due dates prior to application.

One time resources fee is non-refundation and is due within five days after the admission is granted. This includes fees for (1) text books rental, (2) online books access cost, (3) curriculum and homework system, (4) consumable books, (5) testing, (6) educational supplies, (7) kitchen supplies, (8) bathroom supplies, and (9) general school maintenance.

  • Text books are school property and are provided as a rental included in this fee. Damage to school owned books will require parents to pay the actual replacement and administrative costs.
  • School provides online access to all core subject books and resources.
  • Financing of online curriculum system is also covered in this one time fee.
  • Consumable books are included in this fee and students keep those after the end of the school year. Consumable books are provided only once at the start of school year. Lost consumable books must be purchased separately.
  • This fee also covers expense for National Standardized Testing.
  • This fee includes costs for kitchen and bathroom supplies in particular and overall school maintenance in general.

Volunteering waiver fee: Tarbiyah School is a non-profit organization and relies on active parents suppoting school operations and mission. We require parents to volunteer a minimum of 50 hours per academic year during the school year. Records are kept for the volunteer hours for each parent. Parents who want to request waiver on their volunteer hours, can do so by payment of volunteering waiver fee. This fee is due by the end of academic year. Partial volunteer hours during academic year can be adjusted according to the hours served.