Education Pedagogy

Tarbiyah is an Arabic word that means raising and nurturing, often used in the context of a childhood education. The concept as envisioned goes beyond the school to encompass the home and the community at large. Tarbiyah also refers to the process of unfolding, i.e., unfolding of talents, skills and abilities that a child is inherently blessed with. We believe in creating a strong relationship with our parents to aide the child’s learning process. Learning takes place everywhere and we encourage our students to share their lived experiences, be creative, and curious about their surroundings.

Tarbiyah’s unique curriculum focuses on a balance of academic subjects:  science, math, technology, language arts, social studies and health by integrating Islamic concepts at every stage of the curriculum design   and delivery. A state‐of‐the‐art curriculum system that supports online textbooks, online homework along with electronic educational resources attest to the quality of education.