Admission Process

  • Submit Completed Application Form

    Complete online application form and submit. Offline paper based form can be picked up and dropped off at school. Forms must be received by deadline for the academic year. (check back here for important dates for 2014-2015 academic year)

  • Pay Application Fee

    All applications must be accompanied by non-refundable application fee. Application fee is $50 for returning students, and $75 for new students before application deadline. After the deadline the fee will be $75 for returning students and $100 for new students. Fee may be paid by check or via online payment page.

  • Submit Current & Previous Records

    A copy of the candidate’s current and previous academic records and scores must be received along with the application form. Health records should also be forwarded to the school upon admission. All Kindergarten candidates’ applications must be accompanied by a birth certificate and their up-to-date immunization record.

  • Interview

    Tarbiyah School will schedule an interview with the applicant. This gives us a chance to learn more about the candidates and their families , as well as allows the families to learn more about Tarbiyah. In addition, the admission committee may choose to contact the candidate’s previous school and teachers for further input about the candidate. No interviews will be set up before the completion of all registration requirements.

  • Review of Application & Notification

    After completing the interviews , the admission committee reviews each application carefully. All accepted candidates are communicated either verbally or in writing about their acceptance .

Admission Criteria

Following are the admissions criteria:

  • Acceptance and commitment to the mission statement.
  • Academic history based on previous school records (if applicable).
  • Successful completion of placement test (1st through 9th grades only).
  • Admission applications for grade 9 are being solicited. However, a decision to offer these grades will be made by July 31 depending upon the enrollment for these grades and the resources available at the school.
  • Evidence of a history of positive school behavior and academics.
  • Approval based on interview conducted by the Hiring Committee.